"Great Leaders Can Think Like Each Member of Their Team"

Leaders who agree with Brian Uzzi’s assessment of what great leaders need to do should also have a look at how The Diversity & Innovation Company helps leaders look beyond the norm, unlock their imagination and change the way they think – through our immersive experiences.

"Money wasn’t the only thing that enabled financier Cosimo de’ Medici to become de facto ruler of Florence for much of the Italian Renaissance. He exemplified a special leadership skill — the ability to get diverse teams of contending bankers, merchants, and traders to collaborate effectively. How? He identified with each group’s sentiments and mindsets. With that understanding, he succeeded where others failed: He built new bridges of common purpose, resulting in a “team” that produced greater, more sustained economic, social, and cultural value for all parties — and the broader society.


My research with Jarrett Spiro and Balazs Vedres on factors promoting success for Broadway production teams and jazz bands showed that diverse teams were more likely to be effective if guided by a multivocal leader. Below I describe some of the key features of multivocal leaders, using the example of Shane Black, an iconic Hollywood screenwriter, director, and pioneer of the action genre, who’s behind creative mega-hits including Predator, Lethal Weapon, As Good As it Gets, and Iron Man 3:"


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