Benefits Delivered

Value for the individual leader, team, and organisation:

Successful companies are highly innovative, and the engine of serial innovation is a diverse workforce that’s managed by leaders who cherish difference, embrace disruption, and foster a speak-up culture.

Our immersive experiences drive an impact at the individual, leader, team and organisation level to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

Leader Benefits
Team Benefits
Organisation Benefits

Value for Participants:

Early Leaders – Interns, Apprentices and Graduates – our immersion experiences open the minds of your future leaders to diversity at the start of their careers, broadening their knowledge of society's diversity by learning about the charity's aims, and experiencing "Life as…..". They bring this self awareness, diversity of thought and greater empathy to their work - increasing their sensitivity to customer issues and improving the way they interact with colleagues and the sensitivity they show to others.

HiPos and Executives – bring this diversity of thought and greater empathy to their work - increasing their sensitivity in managing people and their commitment to growing a more diverse talent pipeline. Project participants also experience the challenge for social enterprises – operating and innovating with scarce resources.

D&E Project participants – those participants who go to an emerging market for their immersion experience, will learn as much about themselves as individuals, as they will about operating in a completely different commercial and societal environment. This group will experience most keenly what it means to operate and innovate in a complex and extremely resource constrained environment.

Other benefits for the Company:

Ethical working – our programmes provide employees with challenges that will develop awareness, respect and empathy, all essential requirements for Ethical working.

Next generation Learning – our programmes ensure that Leaders receive a combination of real life, highly immersive, highly interactive training, together with online learning – designed to meet Gen Z expectations, and embed high impact learning.

Employer Brand proposition – associations with charities, and with specific charitable projects, is likely to make a tangible contribution to the attraction and retention of Gen Y and Z staff which place significant importance on improving our world.