Indian Building

Placement fees

Our placement fees are £1,800 for the 4 week internship.

The following costs are included:

Diagnostic assessments

India airport pick-up and return drop-off

India induction

All accommodation in India

Support in India
You will have a Support Manager to assist

Food when at your residential location
Includes weekends. You will need to pay if you eat outside the residential location.

24/7 support in India
TalentEase provide an emergency contact number

Reflection, input and review sessions with TalentEase

Tour of main city, e.g. Chennai or Hyderabad

Transport from the main city (e.g. Hyderabad) to your residential location, including back to the city for review meetings etc.
We give you an allowance to cover transport to the city at weekends by bus or train.

Personal Development report
Provided to you at the end of your internship

The following costs are excluded:

Typically £600 – £750 economy class

Typically (£100)

All required inoculations can be obtained free of charge form your GP. You are typically asked to pay if you want to include Rabies (£150) and Japanese Encephalitis (£150)

Transport to and from UK departure airport

Travel Insurance / Medical assistance
In the event of you needing medical support or some other emergency your local Support Manager will support you, e.g. advising on the most appropriate medical facility and arranging transport there. You need to take out Travel Insurance with a large level of medical coverage.

Pocket Money in India

Preparing to go to India

Leave at least 6 weeks to secure your India visa. We provide some tips on how to apply.

Whilst nothing can prepare you for the shock and awe of your first few days in India we recommend you look at the following websites:

Travel Advice – UK Foreign & Commonwealth office

Lonely Planet