India and elephants

Discover India and Discover Myself

The Diversity & innovation Company is collaborating with 2 partners to run a new type of trip to India for pupils aged 16 – 18. The trip gives 6th form pupils the opportunity to combine a 10 day sightseeing trip with one or two Personal Development Modules of 5 days each – designed to develop leadership skills, provide insight into personal strengths and development areas, and provide insights and experiences to assist with university application, 6th form study skills and employment prospects. The first UK schools completed their trips in July 2018 with rave reviews. 

The Personal Development Modules are designed for pupils to set a personal challenge and gain a deeper insight into India and themselves as individuals:

  • Teaching Assignment in a rural school

  • Business Insight – insight into the modern, thrusting, challenging India

  • Volunteering Assignment in a local community

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The TalentEase Company in India focuses on improving the employability and entrepreneurial skills of Indian school children, to equip them with leadership skills for life after school. Their LightLives programme is their social enterprise contribution to improve the education of India’s 400m rural children. However as its name suggests it is also about helping the children to light up our lives.

Deep knowledge of India

Established contacts and suppliers in India

Support resources and risk management capability

Travel expertise – flights, accommodation, administration

Accreditation and travel protection

Deep knowledge of India and the West

Relationships with a range of education providers – high achieving schools, rural schools, colleges + residential training centres

Relationships with prestigious Indian and global companies

Business insight and course materials for target students on: leadership in a global world, global trends, Jugaad innovation etc.

Expertise in Team building

Deep knowledge of India

Expertise in cross cultural leadership in business

Expertise in assessment and development of teams and individuals. Creation of individual development reports

Accreditation in Psychometric Diagnostics (for individual and team) on personality type, learning style, team dynamics