Naveena and hannah

Programme Details

A modular approach

Students choose one or two personal development modules to add to the standard trip of 10 days to develop a deeper learning experience

Standard School Travel trip

Personal Development additional modules – students choose 2 × 4 day long modules.


Duration 10 days

Activities include:

  • Induction / safety training
  • Briefing on modern India and the legacy of the Raj
  • Tourism and Cultural – museum and temple visits, Indian dance, elephant camp
  • Sport e.g. Kabaddi
  • Spend a day at a high achieving school
  • Experiencing modern India, e.g. company visits

Teaching Assignment

Duration 4 days

Activities include:

  • school teaching assignment in a rural school –
  • 1:1 English conversation
  • Leading classroom teaching
  • Leading drama and sports activities
  • Input by TalentEase e.g. Leadership
  • Evening activities, e.g.: Bollywood dancing and film night, South Indian cooking

Business Insight

Duration 4 days

Activities include:

  • Experience a high achieving city school
  • Experience a city college
  • Visit to high achieving Indian company
  • Input by TalentEase e.g. Managing through chaos, Jugaad innovation
  • Evening activities

Volunteering Assignment

Duration 4 days

Activities include:

  • volunteering assignment in an Indian rural school or local community
  • Projects could be chicken rearing, commercial mushroom cultivation, running menstruation awareness training for girls
  • Input by TalentEase: e.g. profit + sustainability
  • Evening activities

Personal Development focus:

Psychometric assessment and feedback

Student receives a Personal Development Report based on input from: self, India and UK school teachers, TalentEase Facilitators, and company leaders.

Overall Objectives of the Personal Development Modules

  1. Build skills and strengths around you as an individual which you can employ in a range of situations, including the job market.
  2. Develop Core skills
  3. Self Awareness – my strengths and personality / behavioural preferences
  4. Understanding others’ strengths and personality / behavioural preferences
  5. Leading
  6. Planning and Organising
  7. Giving and receiving feedback

Making the change real

Our programmes are carefully designed by experienced business leaders and leadership development experts, including a psychologist who specialises in learning design, to maximise the learning impact for the individual by working through the following stages with the participants:

Making the change real


  • You undertake short diagnostic assessments to provide you with personal insight into your personality type and preferred strengths
  • We provide analysis of your personality type for the group


  • You learn through
  • Practice activities before you go to India
  • The whole experience of being in India
  • Undertaking the Personal Development activities in India – Volunteering Assignment / Teaching Assignment

Reflection and Insight

  • We ask you to log your thoughts and feelings during your immersion experiences and then we look at what you learned about yourself, what you learned about others, and what you learned about India


  • You use what you have learned to tackle the next challenge – preparing for Uni or employment
  • We provide you with your own Personal Development Report, including feedback form the UK and India teachers, TalentEase facilitators, your fellow pupils and your own self assessment
Day # Location Activity
1 Flight Overnight flight From London Heathrow
2 Bangalore Arrive Bangalore and transfer to accommodation
3 Bangalore Spend a day at a high achieving school
4 Srirangapatna Transfer to Srirangapatna in Karnataka state
Visit the Tipu Sultan's former capital
5 Mysore Visit the Mysore Palace and sightseeing in Mysore
6 Elephant Camp 24 hour experience, observing the elephants
7 National Park Safari in the Maharaja of Mysore’s former private hunting grounds
8 Bangalore Visit high achieving school in Bangalore
9 Bangalore Volunteering activity at an orphanage or visit to an Indian company
One of: cultural / sporting / south Indian cooking experience
10 Hill station Transfer by train to rural school, Tamil Nadu state
11-14 Personal Development – Teaching Assignment
15-18 Personal Development - Volunteering Assignment