Programme Details

Schools we work with

All our internships are based in rural schools where the children attending may be the first generation in their family to go to school. All the schools are English medium schools, i.e. all classes (except Hindi or other languages!) are taught in English.

All our schools are assessed on a development scale that covers: academics, quality of English speaking, extent of sporting activity, extent of extra-curricular activity. Your internship will be designed to assist the school to progress on its development journey.

Roles available

As a teaching assistant the areas you will be required to support are:

  • English teaching, especially conversational English. You may be asked to lead your own class or work with students in smaller groups or one to one. Large class sizes and variable aptitudes and resources mean you’ll have to think on your feet and improvise, but you’ll never have a dull moment in the classroom
  • Teaching maths or science – the elements of the curriculum you will be required to support will be shared with you beforehand, so you can prep effectively
  • Extra-Curricular activities, such as community projects, sport, drama – activities that add valuable life skills. The schools are keen for you to bring your own skills and interests to your role, and will encourage you to organise after-school activities when possible!
  • Delivering the TalentEase programme to improve communication and leadership skills in the children. This could include teaching modules on values, time management, public speaking, presenting, or creating short plays

Your average working week is typically 20 - 30 hours Monday to Friday, with the weekends free.

Location and accommodation

The schools tend to be within 1 – 2 hours drive of a major city (Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore), to provide access to the city for medical care or at weekends for sightseeing.

Depending on the school location you will either stay at the school if it has a boarding house, at a local residential training centre, or at a TalentEase residential building.

Your accommodation venue will have some form of Wi-Fi access for part of the day.

Your room will be basic but clean and secure with the following facilities: a ceiling fan or air conditioning, mosquito screens on windows, toilet and shower (most showers are cold water but that is a relief in the heat!), lockable door.

Timing and length of internship

As our internships are based around Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore we are able to offer placements flexibly throughout the year - Chennai and Bangalore are always hot, and Hyderabad’s temperature might go down to 14 centigrade on a cold day in winter! The minimum period for an internship is 4 weeks, and you can add more weeks if you wish. The school holidays in India run typically from mid-April to end June, so during this time we offer Internships working with TalentEase to run their summer camps for schoolchildren, or their programme in colleges.

A typical internship looks like this:

Activity Day Location
Travel 1 (Sat) Fly
Induction and rest day 2 (Sun) Chennai
Travel to Hub location / School intro 3 (Mon) Rural area
School assignment 4 (Tues) Rural area
School assignment 5 (Weds) Rural area
School assignment 6 (Thurs) Rural area
School assignment 7 (Fri) Rural area
Travel to main city / tour 8 (Sat) Chennai
Chill day / tour day 9 (Sun) Chennai
TalentEase input & reflection session 10 (Mon) Chennai / Rural area
School assignment 11 (Tues) Rural area
School assignment 12 (Weds) Rural area
School assignment 13 (Thurs) Rural area
School assignment 14 (Fri) Rural area
Chill day 15 (Sat) Rural area
Chill day 16 (Sun) Rural area
School assignment 17 (Mon) Rural area
School assignment 18 (Tues) Rural area
School assignment 19 (Weds) Rural area
School assignment 20 (Thurs) Rural area
School assignment 21 (Fri) Rural area
Chill day 22 (Sat) Rural area
Chill day 23 (Sun) Rural area
School assignment 24 (Mon) Rural area
School assignment 25 (Tues) Rural area
School assignment 26 (Weds) Rural area
Travel to main city / TalentEase review 27 (Thurs) Chennai
Travel back 28 (Fri) Chennai / Fly