What is The Diversity & Innovation Company?

Successful companies are highly innovative, and the engine of serial innovation is a diverse workforce that’s managed by leaders who cherish difference, embrace disruption, and foster a speak-up culture.

The Diversity & Innovation Company is a social brand that exists to help Leaders link diversity to innovation by enabling them become much more curious about the reality of life, and open their eyes and minds to new possibilities and ways of thinking.

We enrich both our company clients and our Indian suppliers. The business leaders who participate develop greater self-awareness, empathy and curiosity, from which greater diversity and innovation will inevitably flow.

Our India partner TalentEase gains revenue and a share of profit from The Diversity & Innovation Company to run its not for profit leadership programmes in Indian schools, as well as educating business leaders about their clients and showing how businesses in India innovate with limited resources.


We share our net profit with the LightLives programme in India.

As an innovative organisation, we operate a cost-effective, employee-friendly, virtual office model, with our staff either working from home or spending time on site with our client businesses.

As a broker of innovation and unexpected insight, and as a unifier of different ends of the social spectrum, we are grateful for the immense fulfilment that our work brings us.