India Partners

Why India?

We currently run our D&E market projects in India firstly because of the degree of challenge which India provides – and which ultimately makes your learning of true life changing significance, and secondly because of the future business opportunities and competitive pressures which India will provide. For further information on India’s projected growth rates click here

Your Learning experience in India will be immense. You have no option other than to spend week one absorbing and coming to terms with how very different all aspects of life are in India – all your senses are overwhelmed with new sensations, and the normal ways of working and living are very different. Only once you have come to terms with this change can you start to take on board the innovative ways of working which India operates. You experience how Jugaad Innovation, based on frugal engineering, operates on a daily basis in India – doing more with less, and how Indian business manages through chaos.

Our India Partner

Our partner in India is TalentEase which runs the LightLives programme on a not for profit basis to expand school provision in rural areas for India’s 400 million children.

The TalentEase Company focuses on improving the employability and entrepreneurial skills of Indian school children, to equip them with leadership skills for life after school. Their LightLives programme is their not for profit contribution to improve the education of India’s 400m rural children. However as its name suggests it is also about helping the children to light up our lives.

Project assignments – we provide Interns, Apprentices, Graduates, High Potential leaders (HiPos) and Executives with project opportunities as we work with Indian schools to expand rural school provision in India. Roles available are: a teaching assistant in a rural school; a project role focused on rolling out the programme to new schools; or delivering the TalentEase programme to improve communication and leadership skills in the children.

We have chosen TalentEase as our partner in India because its two Directors, Leo and Pradeep, both have extensive experience of managing companies inside and outside India. They have lived in the US and Singapore, have had major western / global companies as clients, and done business in many Developing and Emerging countries in Asia – so they understand the mindset of the British, the American and the East Asian, the culture of global companies. They understand our nuanced ways of working, and how best to introduce the many diverse and challenging ways of living and doing business in India to produce the most impactful learning experience.