Internship Testimonials

"India is somewhere that challenges any stereotype. I learned more about myself and my abilities in this month than any other. I have so much more confidence to travel and speak publicly. As a young woman travelling I felt safe and supported on the female friendly Internship programme which The Diversity & Innovation Co created. The children I worked with during my internship with the LightLives programme were bright, enthusiastic and a joy to teach. I was lucky enough to meet some incredible, kind, welcoming and interesting people. The opportunity to teach and travel was life changing and there is nowhere in the world quite like India".

Martha Evans, GAP year

“If someone wants a chance to actually make a difference, and to help change not only those around them, but themselves, then this should be it. I came in seeing it as a charitable experience that would look good on my CV; I’d spend a few weeks helping poor students/schools and help get an enterprising business going. However, after only two weeks, I realised that this was more than that; it was an opportunity to develop and educate myself far more than four weeks spent in the West ever has. No amount of presentations or documentaries can educate you, and I would argue no amount of training can develop you, as much as spending a few weeks challenging yourself in some of the hardest conditions, but alongside some of the most enriching people here in India”.

Dom Baber-Norris, student Southampton University

"Coming to India and completing the LightLives internship has been an experience that has been more than wonderful. The whole internship has been so rewarding and enriching, not only for the children you are working with in India but also myself as a person. I had no idea I would develop my skills and attributes as much as I have. Having this hands on experience is more valuable than anything you learn in a book or documentary. I went to India thinking how good it would be on my CV, however, this was soon over shadowed by just spending time with some of the poorest yet happiest and most gracious children I have ever met. For any internship no matter what they do or want to do, this truly is a life changing experience".

Josh Baxter, Leeds Beckett University

Dom with studentsJosh sorting chillies at Warangal school