What is an Experience Day?

Our Experience Day Programmes with UK Charities are designed to get you thinking, feeling and acting differently about many areas of Diversity and Diversity of Thought: - underrepresented people, innovation, being open minded, people who are different from me, how to increase diversity in my organisation, and how to create an environment where people can be themselves and contribute fully. We also work with you to help you cope with the discomfort of diversity.

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We offer three versions of the Experience Day Programmes:

The Impact Experience Programme

A week long programme, including two Experience Days with separate charities. Participants work through all the phases of Awareness, Immersion with 2 charities, Reflection, Insight and Action. The power of this programme is driven by adding the Action activity where the participants work on a specific Diversity or business challenge of your company, with the action plan presented to the sponsoring executive. We work with you over several months to track the return on investment of the project for the business.

Exec Awareness

The Impact+ Experience Programme

This adds an element of reverse immersion onto the Impact programme – again designed to further increase the impact of your learning. Reverse immersion could for example involve clients of the charity which hosted the experience day then coming to the company for work experience.

Exec Awareness

The Exec Awareness Experience

A one day experience aimed at busy Execs, with a virtual element at each end, designed to raise their level of awareness of the power of the immersion experience and the impact it can have on the individual, their team, and the organisation. The impact of the learning for individuals in the company is further increased when an executive sponsors the business or diversity challenge set by the company.

Exec Awareness